“Band Name!”

While traveling from city to city and continually bonding, my roommate and I carried a game I had learned from a friend back home. The objective of the game is to come up with band names but the  catch is the phrase has to come up in conversation.  Morgan and I were the main players but there were several additions made to our list from our fellow journos as well as Carlene and her husband, Geoff.

Here it be:

Casual Carcass (All vegan band)

Technical Mexican

U-Turn At Buckingham Palace

Manchego Unchained

Polygamy Pile

Every Orifice

Imagination Cow

Soggy Eye

Dank Profiteroles

Screaming Tomatoes

Karolina Constantly

Hell in Florals

Nun Puns

Thank you to all who participated!


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